Ole Herman S. Elgesem - Software Developer

I write Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), at work and in my spare time. Professionally I develop the CFEngine C client, C backend/server, and tooling in Python 3. In my spare time, I make websites, games and other neat things, in Rust, Python, and js/html/css. I love video games, security and open source, and I also like to teach, write, and travel.

Side Projects

  • towers - A tower defense game in the browser
  • ohm - An easy way to draw circuit diagrams/schematics
  • mrpg - A turn based RPG
  • dagensquiz.no / dailyquiz.app - Randomized quiz every day
  • schem - Simplistic electronics circuits for use in theses / papers

Open Source Contributions

  • CFEngine community - Configuration management / Server Infrastructure Automation (Work)
  • pyglet - A windowing / media library for Python


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