April 9, 2018

The DayKnight 30-day project

I’ve watched, and been a fan of, video game streamer Sean “Day9” Plott for many years. Since he is now encouraging community members to do a 30-day project with him, I decided to join. The goal is to stop procrastinating and focus on getting something done in 30 days. Participants choose their own projects, and I’ve decided to work on a game. If you’re interested in joining or seeing the other projects, you can read more on their discord server.

Project description

Turn based RPG prototype. I’m not starting completely from scratch, I have a basic battle system from earlier. This month I will work on 4 “big” features for the game.


The project is divided up into 4 weeks, each with separate tasks and focuses:

  • Week 1: Experiment with UI and graphics.
  • Week 2: Effects (Buffs and debuffs caused by skills)
  • Week 3: Progression - levelling, unlocking skills
  • Week 4: Content - Add more skills, enemies, “dungeons”. Finish loose ends for a playable demo/prototype.

The project is running from April 4th to May 4th. Since I joined a few days late, I will allow some additional time for week 1.


The game project is available on GitHub. Anyone interested can follow along there, and I plan to put some updates here as well.

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