April 15, 2018

The DayKnight 30-day project - Week 1

This weeks task was to experiment and implement a better User Interface. I used pyglet to make a simple GUI, which currently has the same functionality as the terminal version. It’s still just text so far, creating GUI from scratch takes time, but adding more graphics and animation is now possible. Had to spend a decent amount of time refactoring, making sure the core package, which contains game logic, was completely separate from any terminal specific code. I also spent a little time balancing stats and the 4 skills currently available, so that the game is playable and all 4 skills have purpose.

Terminal version

The old interface in terminal looked like this:

GIF of terminal version

GUI version

The new GUI version (WIP!) looks like this:

GIF of GUI version

It is a little rough around the edges, but has mostly the same functionality as the terminal version. Some obvious next steps are:

  • Print messages character by character to better guide attention
  • Frames around different text boxes
  • Replace the textual stats and battle screens with prettier graphical representation
    • Green and blue health and mana bars instead of text
    • Bars / numbers can be animated for damage / healing / exp gain etc.
  • Simple sprites for player and enemy
  • More interesting backgrounds

Next week

The plan for next week is to work on effects, i.e. buffs and debuffs caused by skills which last multiple turns. I’ll try to stick to this plan, but I might get back to doing a little more GUI if I finish early.


For the extra interested I’ve generated a changelog based on my commit history:

See github.com/olehermanse/mrpg for more details.

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