November 22, 2020

DK30 October 2020 - Towers

I participated in the DayKnights 30-day projects, Oct 15th to Nov 15th. One week after the deadline, I am done with everything I wanted to do. The game is by no means complete, but it’s playable and challegning (sometimes). I enjoyed making something new, and will probably continue working on this. Maybe I’ll post another update in a while.

The game is playable at:

Here is the project page:

And the source code is also available:


Here are the goals I set for myself before starting:

Week 1 - Basic HTML structure

  • Resizable html canvas
  • Basic drawing / grid

Week 2 - Gameplay

  • Placing towers
  • Moving enemies
  • Towers shooting enemies

Week 3 - Interesting mechanics

  • Collision / block enemies with towers
  • Pathfinding for enemies to get around towers

Week 4 - Polish

  • Levels
  • Points
  • Artwork?


Here is a story, told in GIFs:


Currently, the game feels quite good up until level 10. After level 10, the player is snowballing, gaining a lot of money and can easily defeat the enemies. There are some things I’d like to implement:

  • More enemy types
  • Increase difficulty after level 10
  • Scaling difficulty
  • Money-making towers
  • Particle effects
  • More interesting map with randomized walls


You can try the game now:

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