November 22, 2020

DK30 October 2020 - Towers

I participated in the DayKnights 30-day projects, Oct 15th to Nov 15th. One week after the deadline, I am done with everything I wanted to do. The game is by no means complete, but it’s playable and challegning (sometimes). I enjoyed making something new, and will probably continue working on this. Maybe I’ll post another update in a while. The game is playable at: Here is the project page: Read more

December 13, 2017

Inlining a React/Material-UI web app

This guide was originally posted on Medium. I am reposting here to test the features of my new Hugo website. This guide is pretty simple and straightforward, it is not specific to React, but the example project uses React and Material UI. Before setting up a build system like this, you should at least be familiar with the UNIX terminal, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Inlining can be done with other tools, like gulp or create-react-app (or next year’s big new JavaScript framework), so you should explore your options. Read more

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