June 6, 2018

The DayKnight 30-day project - Week 4 / Final update

DK30 has been over for quite some time. I wanted to post a final update about my progress, for my “fake week 4”. Work and other things have kept me busy, so I’m not done with everything I wanted to do, but still enjoy working on the game.


I’ve added a few enemies, with skills and the basics needed for AI. Currently the AI is completely random.

  • Ogre - Only knows how to attack
  • Slime - Uses a few basic physical moves, like Attack and Slash
  • Wizard - Can use both healing and damaging magic skills.
  • Cultist - Uses evil magic, like Blood pact and Life drain


Enemies and players will have 16x16 sprites in combat. Some basic sprites are done, here is a sneak peak:

Player Ogre Cultist

The future

I still want to finish a prototype / demo to share and let others try. Realistically, this will still take a few weeks, need to finish up a few things:

  • Unlocking skills after leveling
  • Health and mana bars in GUI
  • Rendering enemy and player sprites during combat

I will keep posting updates about the game, although not under the DK30 label.


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